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www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : (Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (French) 2015

www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : (Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (French) 2015

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (French) 2015

Posted: 11 Jan 2016 03:37 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (French) 2015

1.a. Lisez bien ce texte et répondez aux questions données ci-dessous :

Chez les Legrand :

A quoi Mme Legrand va-t-elle occuper son après-midi? Lundi, elle a fait des confitures : soixante pots, pleins de confitures d'oranges, sont alignés dans les armoires. Mardi, il a fallu faire la lessive (heureusement il y a la machine à laver) ! Hier, Mme Legrand a offert le thé à ses amies. Mais aujourd'hui, elle aura le temps de repasser le linge qui a été lavé avant-hier ; il est même possible qu'elle fasse un peu de couture. Ce soir, Jean ira sans doute au cinéma avec sa sœur. « Toujours au cinéma ! lui dit son père, n'as-tu pas de distractions plus sérieuses? » Les parents, fatigués de leur journée, s'installeront au salon et liront ou regarderont la télévision.

i. Répondez : 10
1. Qu'est-ce que Mme Legrand a fait le mardi ?
2. Où sont les confitures?
3. Qu'est-ce que Mme Legrand a fait hier?
4. Que feront les enfants ?
5. Que feront les parents comme distraction?

ii. Donnez les contraires : 2
1. Pleins
2. Plus
3. Toujours
4. Heureusement

iii. Complétez avec un mot/des mots du texte : 2
1. Elle a travaillé toute la _______.
2. Quel ______ fait-il aujourd'hui ?
3. Elle a _______ oublié son sac au lycée.
4. Ils sont ________: ils ont trop joué.

iv. Mettez cette phrase à la voix passive : 1
Elle a fait des confitures.

b. Lisez bien ce texte et répondez aux questions données ci-dessous : Les Vacances Tout le monde aime les vacances. Les vacances, ça sert à changer de la vie habituelle, à changer tout, à arrêter tout ce que l'on fait pendant l'année. C'est pourquoi on attend toujours les vacances avec impatience. Mais, chacun a sa façon préférée de passer les vacances.

Mathieu aime les vacances au bord de la mer. Pour lui, la plage c'est la détente. Il veut aussi voyager à l'étranger. Il croit que l'on a toujours quelque chose à apprendre et le meilleur moyen de s'informer de ce qui se passe à travers le monde, c'est de voyager.

Fabien aime retrouver ses amis et aussi faire de nouvelles connaissances, connaître plein de gens. L'important pour lui, c'est de ne pas être seul pendant les vacances. Il a horreur de ça.

i. Répondez aux questions suivantes : 4
1. A quoi servent les vacances ?
2. De quoi Fabien a-t-il horreur ?

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Fashion Studies) 2014-15

Posted: 11 Jan 2016 03:17 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Fashion Studies) 2014-15


Q. 1 Define the term 'apparel'. 1

Q. 2 Why darts need to be finished away from the apex? (Give one reason) 1

Q. 3 Name the equipment used to finish the raw edges of the fabric. 1

Q. 4 Write two examples of men's active sportswear category. 1

Q. 5 What is the difference in the front and back dart length of a basic skirt? 1

Q. 6 Why are buttons recommended to be inbuilt into the garment of newborn's clothing? 1

Q. 7 State the general rule followed to decide the size of the button-hole. 1


Q. 8 Compare the tradition of wearing neck brass rings and poulaine by primitive people. 2

Q. 9 "With the change in the techniques of warfare, armours are replaced with uniforms which enable two functions." Explain briefly. 2

Q. 10 What is pattern making? Name two methods of achieving it.


Differentiate between Fitting Ease and Design Ease. 2

Q. 11 Who is known as the 'Father of the modern fashion design´ and what is his contribution in making Paris as the epitome of fashion clothing? 2

Q. 12 Explain the efficient way of placing the pins for securing fabric. 2

Q. 13 How is dart manipulated by using pivot method? 2

Q. 14 Explain the manner of draping uttariya by the courtiers in ancient times in India. 2

Q. 15 Differentiate between natural and synthetic fibres. 2


Q. 16 Mention any 6 points to be included on the pattern. 3

Q. 17 Prepare a chart of designers / costume designers along with the names of their most recognisable movies through which they have made an influence on fashion industry. 3

Q. 18 How will you identify the right side of the following fabrics? Explain.
a) Smooth fabrics
b) Printed design
c) Textured fabrics 3

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Entrepreneurship) 2014-15

Posted: 11 Jan 2016 03:03 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (Entrepreneurship) 2014-15

1. Differentiate between a private company and a public company on the basis of minimum and maximum number of members required? 1

2. What is 'Value Added Tax'(VAT)? 1

3. List any two factors included in 'micro environment'? 1

4. Hina, was manufacturing beauty products and was always on the lookout to improvise her products. . She used social media and online surveys to understand the latest trend in customer needs and overall in the cosmetics industry. . Through the surveys, she understood that the customers prefer natural ingredients like multani mitti or neem in place of chemicals in the beauty products.

Responding to the customers' needs, she developed a 'MultaniMitti cum neem face pack' in an attractive package. It was highly priced as she knew that the customers will be ready to pay the price for the quality. Her face pack was an instant success. Identify the 'Way' in which Hina spotted this trend. 1

5. Ram Prasad, a cotton grower from Bihar, wants to start a cottage industry for weaving cotton into handloom. Which specialized financial institution should he approach to meet the credit requirements of his industry. 1

6. Explain any two components of 'Brand" with example. 2

7. Give the meaning of 'routing' and 'scheduling' as elements of operational plan. 2

8. Sandeep had started his business of dairy products in 2013. He wanted to expand his business but did not have the necessary funds. One of his friends suggested that he should approach Mr. Goel, a venture capitalist for further funds. When Sandeep approached Mr.Goel, he was given three minutes for explaining his business proposition. Identify and explain the format of business plan referred in the above para. 2

9. Hema Enterprises is dealing in Health Drinks. The enterprise has been manufacturing  'Mother's Choice' a malt based health drink. Adapting to the latest market trends she decided to bring out an improved form of fortified health drink with vitamin B-12, iron and minerals to increase immunity. She believed that by modifying the product she will be able to create a new product. Identify the concept and define it. 2

10. Vikram, a new generation high tech farmer is involved in organic farming. He realized that there was a huge market for his fruits and vegetables as people have become diet conscious and prefer to eat healthy food. Keeping this in mind, he decided to open 'Salad bars and organic fruit juice corners' in prominent malls in Delhi.

Now he needed a 'road map' for himself to start the venture.
(a) Identify the term used for 'road map' by Vikram 2
(b) Why this road map is required? 2

11. State the steps in the 'Creative Process' after the 'stage of preparation'? 3

12. Deepika wanted to pitch in to reduce the financial crisis prevailing in her house and thought of working as a cook. She started working in three different households, one Punjabi, One Gujrati and one South Indian family. She soon realized that all the three households had different cuisine. It was indeed a challenge for her to learn the techniques of the cuisine. All the families greatly appreciated the timeframe within which she had mastered the local cuisine. After working for them for a year, she decides to open a small eating joint of her own along with two of her friends by the name 'Apna Bhoj'. They decided to share profits equally and that each of them will be liable for acts performed by the other two. Soon the eatery became a hot spot because of the fusion platter which was being offered.

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (English Elective) 2014-15

Posted: 11 Jan 2016 02:47 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper (English  Elective) 2014-15

Max. 100

Time 3 hrs.

The Question paper is divided into three sections:

Section A : Reading 20 Marks
Section B : Writing & Grammar 40 Marks
Section C : Literature 40 Marks

General Instructions

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. You may attempt any section at a time.
3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A

20 Marks

Q1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

1. Mankind's fascination with gold is as old as civilization itself. The ancient Egyptians esteemed gold, which had religious significance to them, and King Tutankhamen was buried in a solid – gold coffin 3300 years ago. The wandering Israelites worshipped a golden calf, and the legendary King Midas asked that everything he touched be turned into gold.

2. Not only is gold beautiful, but it is virtually indestructible. It will not rust or corrode. Gold coins and products fabricated from the metal have survived undamaged for centuries. Gold is extremely easy to work with. One ounce, which is about the size of a cube of sugar, can be beaten into a sheet nearly 100 square feet in size, and becomes so thin that light passes through it. An ounce of gold can also be stretched into a wire 50 miles long. Gold conducts electricity better than any other substance except copper and sliver, and it is particularly important in the modern electronics industry.

3. People have always longed to possess gold. Unfortunately, this longing has also brought out the worst in the human character. The Spanish conquerors robbed palaces, temples and graves and killed thousands of Indians in their ruthless search for gold. Often the only rule in young California during the days of the gold rush was exercised by the mob with a rope. Even today, the economic running of South Africa‟s gold mines depends largely on the employment of black labourers who are paid about 40 pounds a month, plus room and board, and who must work in conditions that can only be described as cruel. About 400 miners are killed in mine accidents in South Africa each year, or one for every two tons of gold produced.

4. Much of gold's value lies in its scarcity. Only about 80,000 tons have been mined in the history of the world. All of it could be stored in a vault 60 feet square, or a supertanker.

5. Great Britain was the first country to adopt the gold standard, when the Master of the Mint, Sir Isaac Newton, established a fixed price for gold in 1717. But until the big discoveries of gold in the last half of the nineteenth century – starting in California in 1848 and later in Australia and South Africa – there simply wasn't enough gold around for all the trading nations to link their currencies to the precious metal.

6. An out – of – work prospector named George Harrison launched South Africa into the gold age in 1886 when he discovered the metal on a farm near what is now Johannesburg. Harrison was given a 12 Pounds reward by the farmer. He then disappeared and reportedly was eaten by a lion.

7. One of the big gold – mining areas in the Soviet Union is the Kolyma River region, once infamous for its prison camp. The camp has gone, but in a way nothing has changed. Many ex – prisoners have stayed on to work in the mines and are supervised by ex – guards.

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