Monday, April 22, 2013

CBSE's 'open book exam' delights most students - Times Of India

CBSE's 'open book exam' delights most students - Times Of India
LUDHIANA: CBSE has delighted students of classes IX and X with its decision to introduce "open book examinations" in all subjects from the current academic session. Students of classes XI and XII, however, are not too happy since CBSE has chosen just four subjects a?? biology, economics, geography and a language subject a?? under the open book system.
Under the new system, students will be given case studies related to the subjects, four months before the examination. The question paper will be based on this study material and shall carry 20% weightage. For the students of Class XII, this new system shall be applicable from the next year. Case studies for the final examination will be provided to the students in November.Class-X student Vastav Bhasin said, "The case studies would be an interesting element in the academic curriculum. We would be able to study in detail." However, another Class-X student Madhav said that case studies material just four months before the exam would create confusion. "Will we give time to syllabus or shift to case studies?"
Nilesh Gupta, Class X student, KVM School, Civil Lines, said, "This is a good initiative by CBSE. We can do away with the standard examination pattern, and it would surely be a fine experience for students."
Raunik Kharbanda, Class XI student (non-medical), Sacred Heart Convent School, BRS Nagar, said, "This decision will likely show positive as well as negative affects. The case studies will be an interesting experience. But the open book system applies only to four subjects in classes XI and XII. I am eligible for just one subject."
Madhur, Class XI student (Commerce), Sacred Heart Convent School, BRS Nagar , said, "I am quite satisfied with this decision though some students might oppose it. I hope the case studies will not be too difficult."
Shreya, Class-XI student (Humanities), KVM School, said, "I am eligible for just two subjects under the new system. I feel that this initiative is a complete waste of time . CBSE will provide case studies just four months prior to the exams and it would become very difficult for us all. Concept clarification is important."