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www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : IAS Coaching: Foundation Programme for CBSE Students

www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : IAS Coaching: Foundation Programme for CBSE Students

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IAS Coaching: Foundation Programme for CBSE Students

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 08:40 AM PST


Dear Aspirants,
The Indian Civil Services examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year.

The competitive examination comprises of three stages :

  • Preliminary Examination – (Objective Test)
  • Main Examination (Written )
  • Interview Test

The examination schedule is announced during January - February.

The Preliminary held in May-June and the results are announced in July-August.

The Main examination held in October-November and the candidates those who qualify at this stage are invited to the interview in March-April next year.

IAS Prelims for UPSC Civil Services Exam (Screening Test)

The Preliminary Examination will consist of two papers of Objective type (multiple choice questions) and carrying a maximum of 400 marks (200 marks each) .

General Studies Paper I

  • Maximum marks : 200
  • Number of Questions : 100
  • Time : 02 hours


1. Current events of national and international importance
2. History of India and Indian national movement
3. Indian and World Geography
4. Indian Polity and governance
5. Economic and social development
6. General issues on environmental ecology, bio-diversity and climate change
7. General Science

General Studies Paper II

  • Maximum marks : 200
  • Number of Questions : 80
  • Time : 02 hours


1. Comprehension
2. Interpersonal skills which include communication skills
3. Logical reasoning & analytical ability
4. Decision making & problem solving
5. General mental ability
6. Basic numeracy(Class X level), Data Interpretation(Class X level)
7. English language comprehension skills (Class X level)

Mains for UPSC Civil Services Exam (conventional essay type questions)

The number of candidates to be allowed in the Main Examination will be about twelve to thirteen times the total approximate number of vacancies for various Services and Posts for the year.

Paper-A (Qualifying Paper)

(One of the Indian Language to be selected by the candidate from the Languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution). (300 Marks)

Paper-B (Qualifying Paper)

  • English (300 Marks)

Papers to be counted for Merit :


  • Essay (250 Marks)


  • General Studies–I (250Marks ) (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society)


  • General Studies –II (250 Marks) (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)


  • General Studies –III (250 Marks) (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)


  • General Studies –IV ( 250 Marks) (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)

Paper-VI & Paper-VII

  • Optional Subject – Paper I (250 Marks)
  • Optional Subject – Paper II (250 Marks)

Total marks (Mains) - 1750 Marks

Marks obtained by the candidates for all paper (Paper I – VII) will be counted for merit ranking. However the Commission will have the discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all papers of the examination. The number of candidates to be summoned for interview will be about twice the number of vacancies to be filled.

Interview- 275 Marks (with no minimum qualifying marks)

Grand Total - 2025 Marks (1750 + 275) Marks

Marks thus obtained by the candidates in the Main Examination as well as interview would determine final ranking.

Candidates will be posted to various posts and services keeping in view their merit ranking in the examination and the preferences expressed by them for the various Services and Posts in the Mains examination form.

Specially Designed for Under Graduates & Freshers

You will find each and everything under the platform of iasexamportal. You don't need to read or buy any other material except this.

And if you do this, We believe, We can guarantee your success. You give us your One Year and hard labour, we will give you the result.

OUR EXPERT will guide you and support you till your success.

We will provide you:

For Any Query Related to This Programme call - +91 7827687693, 011-45151781 (10 AM to 7 PM)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (E-Publishing & E-Office)

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 04:20 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (E-Publishing & E-Office)

Max. Marks: 30

Time: 2 hours

(Section A)

1. Which single shortcut key is used to insert/create chart for the selected cell in MS-excel.
2. My class teacher is having the result-sheet of entire class showing total marks for each student. She want me to help her in generating a summary report showing the following:

  • Student scoring 90% & above.

  • Student scoring 75% & above.

  • Student scoring 60% & above.

  • Passed Students.

  • Fail students

Which chart should I use in ms-excel?

3. (a) In a worksheet column A, B and C are showing the quantity of an item in 3 different departmental stores. If column D is to display the total quantity, write the formula statement.
(b) In Which cell should the above statement be written?

4. In order to insert a formula in an excel sheet, Which menu item is to be clicked?
What is the category type of IF ()?

5. In an excel sheet as shown below, I want computer to automatically set the value for column D as Pass/fail based on the condition.

Marks >=33, Pass
Marks <33, Fail

  A B C D
1  Roll no Name Marks Result
2 1001 Amit 73  
3 1002 Riya 27  
4 1003 Sunita 53  
5 1004 Radha 39  
6 1005 Mohan 83  

(a) Write the steps to accomplish the same in ms-excel.
(b) Write the condition Statement for Sunita.
(c). Can we achieve more than two values for result?

For example if marks are more than 75; set result to merit, if marks are in the range of 33 to 74 set result as Pass else Fail. If yes, how?

(Section B)

6. What is the difference between shear & Perspective tool? 2
7. Identify the tools for the following :-

(a) Resize the layer.
(b) Create Mirror image.

8. How can we deform a user defined selection area from an image? What are anchor points?

9. Suggest a tool in GIMP to correct predominant Colors in digital photos. Briefly illustrate about any one adjust Option?

10. Sanjana has got a project work in which she has been given a colored image of a birthday party. She is asked to convert it into a black & white image leaving the birthday child as colored. How can the task be completed.

(Section C)

11. Define:
(a) cookies
(b) cyber law
(c) firewall

(Section D)

12. What is the maximum size of a TIFF file? 1
13. What are the advantages of e-office and its application in e-governance?

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper (English Language & Literature)

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 04:07 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (English Language & Literature)

Time allowed- 3 hours

Maximum Marks-70


(a) The question paper is divided in to three sections.

(b) Section A: Reading 20 Marks
Section B: Writing and Grammar 25 Marks
Section C: Literature/ Text Books & Long Reading Texts 25 Marks

(c) All questions are compulsory.

(d) Marks are indicated against each question.


READING – 20 marks

1. Read the passage given below:

Evolution has designated vultures to be the ultimate scavengers. Enormous wingspans allow them to circle in the air for hours. Their beaks, while rather horrifying, are weak by bird standards, made to scoop and eat flesh.
However unappealing they may seem, vultures serve an important role in the ecological cycle: processing dead bodies of animals. Only 20 years ago, India had plenty of vultures—flocks so enormous they darkened the skies. But by 1999, their numbers had dropped due to a mysterious kidney ailment. By 2008, 99.9 percent of India's vultures were gone. It was finally discovered that they had been killed by a drug called diclofenac (a pain reliever along the lines of aspirin or ibuprofen).

Indians revere their cows, and when a cow showed signs of pain, they treated it with diclofenac. After the animal died, the vultures would eat the corpse. And though they boast perhaps the world's most efficient digestive system, vultures cannot digest the drug.

India banned the use of diclofenac for veterinary use in 2006, but it's still widely used. The near extinction of vultures has caused a disease in the country, as rats and dogs moved in to take their place—spreading pathogens that would have otherwise been destroyed by the vultures Vultures need large ranges to scan for food and undisturbed areas in which to nest. They also need an abundance of prey species since they rely more
on chance than their own hunting skills to eat. All of these things have been reduced by human activity. Meanwhile, there is a dramatic increase in secondary poisoning. Vultures feed on carcasses laced with poison, intended to kill jackals or other predatory carnivores. Or they are poisoned by the lead in animals left behind by hunters.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions briefly:

a. Who are the natural scavengers?
b. How do the special beaks and wings/ work?
c. How did their numbers decrease?
d. Why do we need these 'scavengers'?
e. Why do vultures need more prey ?
f. Why are the dead bodies laced with poison?
g. What is 'secondary poisoning'?
h. Give any two factors responsible for the death of vultures?

2 Read the passage given below:

1 Children in India live in diverse circumstances and have diverse needs and rights. Along with their need to be educated, healthy and skillful, they need, and have rights to adequate nutrition, to live in a safe and supportive environment, have opportunities to reach their optimal potential and generally lead healthy, joyful and fulfilling lives so that they can be productive and well adjusted citizens of tomorrow.

2. Children in our country face many challenges. Many of them are first generation learners and face myriad problems throughout their schooling. They, due to the socio-economic and cultural determinants may be vulnerable in many ways. Peer pressure and lack of positive role models may prompt them to make unsafe and unhealthy choices. Anxiety and depression amongst the students, to the point of turning them suicidal, have been a cause of concern in the recent past.

3. Girls are more vulnerable and face discrimination at many levels from being unwelcome since birth to being pulled out of school for a variety of reasons. Dropping out of school, low motivation for academics and general disinterest in sports and physical activities too are some of the problems that need to be addressed. Child malnutrition is rampant in most parts of the country. This has an adverse bearing on their cognitive capacities, learning performance and physical capacity.

4. Our children have a right to age appropriate education, skills building, a safe and supportive environment, positive role models, empowerment, and friendly health services and counseling. Well informed and skilled children are likely to make better decisions concerning not only their careers and relationships, habits, physical and mental health, but will be successful and an asset to the society.

5. They also need to understand and deal with emerging issues like newly available career choices, pollution, water and energy conservation, global warming, protection of environment, terrorism and disasters. Dealing with anxiety and depression, negative peer pressure, violence, accidents, are some other significant issues that impact individuals health and also the social, economic and health indicators of the country. Gender sensitivity, prevention of female infanticide and good parenting are some important social issues that all children need to understand. Children require guidance and assistance - both covert and overt- from their Parents, Teachers, peers and society in general to complete the various "tasks" of development and

deal with such issues.

On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions:

a. What makes girls' lives more challenging?
b. How does malnutrition affect the children ?
c. How are well informed children better than the other children?
d. What are the social issues which the children have to deal with?
e. Identify the meaning of the word :- 'a great number' (para2 )
1. Vulnerable, 2. Determinant ,3. Myriad 4. Peer pressure
f. Identify a word which means same as"easily hurt" (para 3)
1. Vulnerable 2. Discrimination 3. Malnutrition 4.Motivation
g. Identify a word which means the same as 'a valuable person or thing'(para 4)
1.Appropriate 2. Asset 3.Adverse 4. Cognitive
h. Identify a word which means the opposite of ' covered' (para 5)
1. Covert 2. Overt 3.Energy 4. Conservation.


WRITING and GRAMMAR – 25 marks

3 You are Ajeet / Anika, a student of S.M. Public School, Delhi . You are concerned about the water crisis which has become very dangerous .Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the need to provide water in drought hit areas and the dire need of creating awareness about the conservation of water through informative posters.


You are Naman /Nalini .You feel that some of your friends are leading a life which is very harmful for their health as they use whats app all the time and waste a lot of their valuable time. They prefer living alone in their rooms and do not communicate with the members of the family or relatives Write an article on 'Importance of Time Management" ' (100 -120 words )

4 Complete the story in about 150 -200 words ----- My mother asked me to go to the market in the evening. Initially first I wanted to avoid but then thinking she needed milk for my little brother I left home reluctantly. I reached the market and was about to pay money for the milk, when suddenly I saw a ----------------------------------.

5 Read the passage given below and fill in the blanks by using the most appropriate word:-.

I was touched (e.g.) when I saw my neighbours sending off their son.I could understand their pain (a )-------------- their only son leaving home . It is always a difficult time for parents (b) -----------it is also inevitable. How long can you keep the birds in cages (c) ----------- their wings are strong and they are ready to fly.

6 The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line against which a blank has been given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as given in the example. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.

Disasters often come suddenly ,with warning, and causes great suffering to those which are left alive.

Because these tragedies need immediate help and solution .who should be provided at the earliest.

(e.g. without)

7 Rearrange the following words or phrases into meaningful sentences.

One has been done for you as an example.

Red cross day / an / become /day / the / in /important /world /of / history / has

Red cross day has become an/important day in the history of the world

A. Celebrated /plays /annually /it / role / is / big /the /saving /to /in /lives /
B. Due / war / aims/ human beings / it / relief /distress / to /provide /the /in/to
C. this day/Various/ to celebrateare / held . /programmes /in the schools


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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Odissi)

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 03:21 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Odissi)

One Theory Paper – 3 hrs.

Total Marks – 30

General instructions:

  • Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it.

  • Each question carries equal marks.

1. Name all the nine Rasas. Write short notes on any four Rasas. 5

2. Write short notes on Aharya of Odissi. 5

3. What is the difference between Tandav and Lasya and Lokdharmi and Natyadharmi. 5

4. Describe the four aspects of Abhinay. 5
a. Angika
b. Vacchika
c. Aharya
d. Sattvik

5. Write a brief history of Oddissi Dance with reference to archeological evidences. 5

6. Write notation of learnt item Battu or Sthayi. 5


What do you know about Chhau Dance. Describe the three styles of Chhau Dance.

a. Mauyurbhanj
b. Scraikella
c. Purulia

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Manipuri)

Posted: 29 Dec 2016 03:16 AM PST

(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper (Manipuri)

hrs. Total Marks – 30

One Theory Paper – 3 hrs.

Total Marks – 30

General instructions:

  • Attempt any six questions.
  • Each question carries equal marks.
  • Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it.

1. Why Bharata wrote Natya Shastra? What was the occasion? When it was performed and who were the performer?

2. Name one of the most popular Sanskrit books of poems used in almost all the classical dances of India. Give an example of Manipuri dance.

3. What is Vasant Ras Leela of Manipuri? Explain the basic theme of their leela?

4. What kind of dance is used in the Manipuri Mala Sankeitan? Explain in detail.

5. What is the basic characteristic of Manipuri dance movements and stances?

6. Name the musical instruments traditionally used in Manipuri dance explain their specific use with examples.

7. Explain in detail the costumes of Radha and Krishna in Manipuri dance.


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(Book) Scholastic Year Book - 2017

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 10:59 PM PST

(Book) Scholastic Year Book - 2017

Book Details:

Reading level: 10 - 16 years

Pages: 280

Publisher: Scholastic;

Year: 2016

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9386106701

ISBN-13: 978-9386106704

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NCERT Hindi Question Paper (Class-9)

Posted: 28 Dec 2016 10:25 PM PST

NCERT Hindi Question Paper (Class-9)

Chapter 1 do Bailo ki Katha

Chapter 2 Lhasa Ki aur


Chapter 3 Upbhokta vad ki sanskriti

Chapter 4 Savle sapno ki yaad

Chapter 5 Nana Sahib ke putri Devi Maina Ko bhasm Kar Diya Gaya

Chapter 6 Premchand Ke Phate Jute

Chapter 7 Mere Bachpan Ke Din By Mahadevi Verma

Chapter 8 Ek Kutta Aur Ek Maina

Chapter 9 Kabir Ki Sakhiyan

Chapter 10 Vakh

Chapter 11 Raskhan Ke Savaiye

Chapter 12 Kaidi Aur Kokila Poem

Chapter 13 Gram Shree Poem

Chapter 14 Chandra Grahan Ki Aur Lotti Ber

Chapter 15 Megh Aaye

Chapter 16 Yamraj Ki Disha



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