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www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : (Download) CBSE Admit Card for Private Candidate for Comptt/IOP Examination 2016

www.CBSEPORTAL.COM - : (Download) CBSE Admit Card for Private Candidate for Comptt/IOP Examination 2016

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(Download) CBSE Admit Card for Private Candidate for Comptt/IOP Examination 2016

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(Download) CBSE Admit Card for Private Candidate for Comptt/IOP Examination 2016

Exam Name: CBSE Comptt/IOP Examination

Syllabus: 2016

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Core)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Core) 

1. Reading Passage 1

12 marks

1. Small actions and decisions are important in one's life 1mark
2 Gave up bad habits 1 mark
3. Every day Gandhi made efforts to change himself in some small way
4. In small ways 1 mark
5. built character 1 mark
6. sequential series - Ex of child 1 mark
7. ay.. to make oneself grow in a small way - every 1mark
8..tried to change himself – reform –grow in small ways 1 mark
9. practice- discipline –self mastery – used freedom in right way – worked on small things – learned from mistakes. 1 mark
10. small step –one at a time – remain optimistic 1 mark
11 nurtured, impact 2 marks

2. Passage 2

10 marks

1. b) traditional music, art, literature
2. d) saree
3.soothing effect –refreshing – brightens intellect
4. Thousands flock to hear – sit all night in adverse conditions –
5. Very pure – enchanting – divine
6. soft beauty – soft pace 1 mark
7. South Indian – graceful, enchanting - voluptuous – pure - full of life –divine North Indian – monotonous, mechanical
8. Rukmani Devi Arundale's Kalakshetra
9. pleasant, urbane

3. Passage 3 Note Making and Summary

8 marks

Title - Work : Desirable or Boring
Abbreviations : work – wrk. hour – hr., advantage – adv., opportunities – opp.
Positively - +ly., exercise – ex.

1. Doing wrk leads to

a) Happiness
b) unhappiness

2. Adv. Of wrk

brings relief, delight, compulsive worthwhile input daily, occupied, fills time usefully, feel pleasant, prevents boredom, makes holidays more important & zestful, provides chances of success ,good opportunities, fulfillment of ambition, sound income, continuity of purpose

3. Disadv of wrk Unspeakable boredom, waste of tme, something out of compulsion
4. Wrk – desirable – for complete happiness Summary Coherence, spellings, grammar, sequence, correct understanding of the content, punctuation
4.Poster Layout- Eye catching and visually attractive 1 mark

Content – Highlights of the main topic- Need of saving electricity 2 marks

Expression – Grammatical accuracy, spellings 1 mark



Content- what, where, when 2 marks
Expression – Coherence, relevance, spellings, grammatical accuracy 1 mark

5. Letter

Format Writer's add, date, receivers add, subject, salutation, complimentary close.

Content – Uncovered manholes, frequent accidents

- Can be lethal for all persons, especially small children.
- Causes bad smell, pollution, breeding area for mosquitoes
- Lack of street light adds to the woes and difficulties.
- Authorities should take action. 3 marks

Expression – Coherence and relevance, grammar and spellings


Format Writer's add, date, receivers add, subject, salutation, complimentary close.

Content – Introduction reference to the advertisement
Complete Bio data 3 marks
Expression – Coherence and relevance, grammar and spellings



Report animal abuse if you see it
Understand the link between animal cruelty and abuse
Teach children to respect animals
Volunteer to help animals
Support law that promotes kindness to animals
Expression – Coherence, relevance, 2.5 marks
Spellings, grammatical accuracy 2.5 marks




One can find coaching centers in every nook and corner - Teachers and parents have equally promoted their growth - coaching institutes boast of guaranteed success rate - publish inflated numbers every year in leading newspapers and magazines - Education is a natural process of learning that should not be forced upon the students.- institutes provide professional teachers - necessary material required for preparation - provide a competitive environment - exams are conducted by them to help the students evaluate themselves on a regular - charge high amount of fees and sometimes provide sub-standard teachers to the students -to choose the right institute is of prime importance - decision should note b hasty .

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Economics)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Economics) 

Section A: Microeconomics

1. c)

2. - Give subsidies to reduce price. - Undertake health campaigns to promote the positive effects of milk consumption.
(Any 1)

3. c)

4. If the river Kosi causes widespread floods in Bihar, it will lead to destruction of resources in Bihar. This will shift the PPC leftward.

5. The central problems of an economy are:

(i) What to produce and in what quantity?
(ii) How to produce?
(iii) For whom to produce?

6. (a) False: Average product rises as long as marginal product is greater than average product. Here marginal product could be rising or falling. (1½)
(b) False: Total cost rises at a diminishing rate when marginal cost falls and total cost rises at an increasing rate when marginal cost increases. (1½)

7. 'Price ceiling' is the maximum price that sellers can legally charge for a product or a service.  Since this price is below equilibrium price, there is excess demand in the market. With shortages, sellers tend to hoard the product. It could also lead to black marketing.


'Price floor' is the minimum price fixed by the government at which sellers can legally sell their product. Since this price is above equilibrium price, there is excess supply in the market. Since there is surplus, sellers can attempt to sell their product at a price below the floor price.

8. Freedom of entry and exit of firms under perfect competition means that there are no costs or barriers a firm faces to enter or exit the market. The implication of this is that in the long run each firm earns only normal profit. Suppose in the short run, existing firms are earning super normal profits, new firms enter the industry as they are attracted by profits. This raises the market supply and reduces the market price. As firms accept the lower market price, profits reduces. This process continues till profits reduce to normal levels in the long run. The opposite occurs if firms are earning losses as firms leave the industry. This reduces
market supply and raises market price till losses get wiped out and firms earn only normal profit in the long run.

9. Yes, the same good can be inferior for one person and normal for another. Whether a good is normal or inferior is determined by the income level of the consumer. A good which is a normal good for a consumer with a lower income, may become an inferior good for a consumer with higher income.

For example, coarse cloth may be a normal good for a low income consumer, but for a high income consumer it may be an inferior good as she can afford a better quality cloth.

Thus, when a consumer moves to a higher income level, she may consider coarse cloth as being below their income status, and has the ability to buy more expensive fine cloth, thus considering coarse cloth as being inferior.

10. An indifference curve is convex to the origin due to diminishing marginal rate of substitution (MRS). Diminishing MRS means that the number of units of 'Good Y' that a consumer wants to substitute for one extra unit of 'Good X' goes on decreasing as the consumption of Good X increases. As consumption of Good X increases, the willingness to pay for it diminishes (due to the law of diminishing marginal utility). This payment is in terms of the units of Good Y sacrificed. Thus, MRS diminishes along an indifference curve, which makes it convex to the origin.


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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English) 2014-15

Max: 100

Time 3 hrs.

The Question paper is divided into three sections:

Section A:     Reading                       20 Marks
Section B:     Writing & Grammar     40 Marks
Section C:     Literature                     40 Marks

General Instructions

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. You may attempt any section at a time.
3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A


Q1 1.1



1.Mankind's fascination with gold

1.1 as old as cvz
1.2 the ancient Egyptians honoured gold
1.2.1reglysig to them
1.2.2 King Tutankhamen was buried a solid – gold coffin
1.3 wandering Israelites worshipped a golden cay
1.4 King Midas wanted everything that he touched become gold.

2.Qualities of gold

2.1 virtually indestructible
2.1.1 does not rust or corrode
2.2.2 can be beaten into a sheet nearly 100 sq. feet
2.2.3can be stretched into a wire 50 miles long.
2.2 conducts electricity better than any other substance
2.3imp. In the modern electronics industry

3.Longing for gold can be destructive

3.1 brought out the worst in human char.
3.2in search of gold the Spanish conquerors
3.2.1 robbed palaces, temples and graves
3.2.2 killed thousands of Indians
3.3 South Africa gold mines dependent on black labourers
3.3.1 paid about 40 pnds a mth
3.3.2a room and board
3.3.3 400 miners killed in mine accidents
3.4gold's value in its scarcity
3.4.1about 80,000 mined in the history of the world.

4. History of Gold

4.1 Great Britain – first century to adopt the gold standard
4.2 fixed price for gold established
4.3 big discoveries made in the last half of the 19thCent.
4.4South Africa launched into the gold age in 1886.

5.Prisoners as Miner Workers

5.1big gold – mining areas in the Soviet Union
5.1.1 infamous for its prison camp
5.1.2 the camp gone
5.1.3 ex-prisoners worked in the mines

6.Gold jewellery – the main attraction

6.1 75% of metal for jewellery
6.2 Italy – the biggest user
6.3 working and peasant classes hv no faith in paper money

Table of Abbreviations

1. cvz – civilization
2. sig – significant
3. sq. – square
4. imp. – important
5. char – character
6. pnds – pounds
7. mth – month
8. cent - century

 1.2 Summary

Mankind's fascination with gold is as old as civilization. The ancient Egyptians honoured gold. Gold is not only beautiful, but indestructible. It is easy to work with an ounce of gold can be stretched into 50 miles long wire. It is important in the modern electronics industry. But man's longing for gold can be destructive as it has brought out the worst in human character Great Britain was the first country to adopt the gold standard. 75 per cent of gold goes into jewellery as middle class people have no faith in paper money George Bernard show advised to note for gold.


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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Elective) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Elective) 2014-15

General Instructions:

1. The answers given below are suggestive. Give credit to the students if they have made a relevant point which may not have been included in the answers listed below.
2. No marks may be deducted for exceeding word limit.
3. Suggested break up of marks has been indicated against each question. Award marks accordingly .
4. In the Writing Section the 10 marks may be divided as follows: Content: 5 marks Organisation : 2 ½ marks ( This includes fluency, relevant style ,coherence and logical flow of ideas) Expression: 2 ½ marks ( this includes grammatical, accuracy, punctuation, spellings, range of vocabulary, originality of ideas and expression)


Q. 1 a


  • Ability to test local and global comprehension of an unseen passage

  • Ability to interpret and read between the lines and respond appropriately

  • Award 2 marks for each answer one for each subpart . Accept any other relevant response.

1) i. Climate change may effect skiing activities
ii. Chipotle Mexican grill reported that they may have to take off guacamole from their menu

2) i. By saying that 'The sky is not falling." And that guacamole was available in all their restaurants,
ii. that as a public company they needed to disclose potential issues which
could have an impact on their business

3) i. General public has limited awareness of the potential dangers of global warming,
ii. whereas almost all scientists agree that human activity is responsible for global warming and is a potential danger.

4. i. Whereas scientists reached a consensus on dangers of global warming,
ii. journalists mislead public by reporting interviews with skeptics and keeping the issue open for discussions.

5. i. Journalists tend to give two sides to a story
ii. Porter Fox states that the potential dangers due to global warming are not a debatable issue. It is a reality and must be accepted at its face value.

6. i. Seminal events are covered by media which raises concerns amongst general public for a short period only and is soon forgotten
ii. If t story lines are embedded in Bollywood films then one can expect greater impact.



  • To test student's ability to interpret and understand overall message of a poem

  • To test student's ability to understand the structure and form of poetry and infer implicity stated meaning.

  • Award one mark for each correct response. Accept any relevant response if not stated in the marking scheme.

1. a confessional poem expressing regret of a soldier who had returned victorious from war and quite forgot about his colleague who was not so lucky and was in enemy captivity facing torture. 2marks

2. put ones life in danger 1 mark

3. i. captive soldier / soldiers tortured brutally .
ii. lines are : while you were braving torture and crime could hear your screams and crying 2 marks

4. it reinforces the guilt and feeling of shame 1 mark

5. i. fight an enemy.
ii. victorious.
iii. went in vain
iv. let him down



  • To test the ability of a student to write a sustained piece of writing – an essay, article or speech

  • To test student's ability to organize relevant matter in a logical and smooth flow of ideas

  • To test student's ability to express himself in a variety of structures, range of vocabulary, literary expresssions using appropriate style and format.


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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Legal Studies)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Legal Studies)

1. The landmark 1973 Supreme Court case of KeshavandaBharathi v. State of Kerala discussed the question about……….

a) collegium model of appointment of judges in India
b) scope of separation of powers in India
c) the basic structure or feature of the constitution
d) Power of judicial review

Ans. a)

2. What does Latin phrase audialterampartem, means?

a) 'listen to the other side'
b) 'one cannot be forced to be a witness against himself'
c) 'justice delayed is justice denied'
d) 'my rights imply your duty'

Ans. a)

3. A sells his garden as well as his house through one instrument to B. Whereas; B wants to retain only the house and wants to cancel the transfer regarding the garden. Can B have the right to partial selection?

a) Yes, B has the right to selection.
b) Yes, B can have partial selection only if ratified by A.
c) No, B has to accept or reject the transfer in totality.
d) No, because House and garden are inseparable.

Ans. c)

4. "You must not use a steam hammer to crack a nut if a nut cracker would do." This statement refers to which doctrine of Administrative Law.

a) Doctrine of Legitimate expectation
b) Doctrine of proportionality
c) Doctrine of Governmental liability
d) Doctrine of Separation of powers.

Ans. b)

5. Rahul is facilitating an alternative dispute resolution in which parties appoint a neutral third party who facilitates the parties in achieving an acceptable, voluntary agreement, which is more formal than negotiation. What is Rahul facilitating?

a) Arbitration
b) Mediation
c) Conciliation
d) Administrative Tribunal

Ans. b)

6. Which Indian Statue provides for statutory free legal aid under criminal law

a) Code of Criminal Procedure
b) Advocates Act
c) Indian Penal Code
d) Indian Evidence Act.

Ans. a)

7. With regards to International Human Rights "ICCPR" stands for:

a) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
b) International Covenant on Criminal and Penal Rights.
c) International Charter on Civil and Political Rights.
d) International Committee on Civic and Public Rights.

Ans. a)

8. The International Criminal Court was set up with a purpose of prosecuting criminals for 4 major crimes. Which amongst the following doesn't belong to that category?

a) Genocide
b) War Crimes
c) Crimes against Humanity
d) Intellectual Property Piracy.


9. A public authority was given the duty to construct a community centre for public in Uddeshyanagar and land was also allotted for this purpose. But instead of constructing community centre, the public authorities started
constructing shops on that allotted land. What remedy is available to the citizens of Uddeshyanagar under Indian Constitution?

Ans. Under article 32 of the Indian Constitution the Supreme Court has the power to enforce fundamental rights, and provides one the right to move the Supreme Court for the enforcement. Here in the above mentioned case citizens of Uddeshyanagarhave the right to apply for the writ of mandamus, i.e., to order to a public authority to do its duty.

10. A boy is sinking in the swimming pool of a resort. A man who is beside the pool does not make any attempt to save this boy. Will the man be criminally liable? If yes why; if no why not?

Ans. No, he is not criminally liable.This is a moral omission of not saving someone's life; mere moral omissions of not doing something would not complete the requirement of actusreus.


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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (Sanskrit)

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