Saturday, January 5, 2008

how can i score better marks in exam

study harder Studying more, takin better notes from the class, asking the teacher about the things you dont understand and asking for tips to classmates that already have taken that harder aiight..there is no two ways to it.. Cover the whole syllabus on the night before the exam ;-) You'll always score 100% on your exams if you:

1. Read and understand the questions.

2. Select the right answers.

The best way to do this is to STUDY! STUDY! studing helps the most(you know it or you don't) But you need to know how to gess good as well. Either you start to learn how to learn, or how to cheat without being noticed : ) STUDY STUDY N STUDY MORE First, figure out WHAT kind of learner you are. Do you do well visually, orally, or are you a hands on learner? Once you figure that out you can study more effectively. For example, if you are a strong VISUAL learner, use colored flash cards or make up a visual story in your head to remember concepts. If you are a hands on learner: make up specific hand or body motions to help you recall information.Stop goofing off at Yahoo! Answers and STUDY! Oh yeah and take out the trash. 1) Get ahead, Read some of the material before the first class that discusses it, thus you'll have some understanding before being taught in the first place and can ask better questions.
2) Interval studying, 60 min two days in a row with good sleep in between is much better than a two hour cram the night before.
3) Eat a good breakfast, and maybe add a high calorie candy bar & caffinated soda prior to class. Do some good breathing exercises maybe some jumping jacks/push ups to get the blood flowing and be very alert / pumped up.
4) In the test focus on the questions, skip the ones that look the hardest and come back to them. This gives your brain some time to consider the question while you are answering the easier ones.
5) Find out if wrong answers cost more than not guessing at all. If wrong answers don't cost you more than leaving blank, eliminate obviously wrong items then make best guesses.
6) If you're done early go back through the questions validating / looking for silly mistakes.
7) Before and After the test express interest to your teacher, teachers will give better grades to students who care, and sometimes better grades to those who indicate a understanding of the topic even if they made a mistake on the exam, and will actually overlook the silly mistakes / alow for timely corrections etc.
8) Evaluate your test results, look for paterns.
9) Get a good amount of sleep up to three nights in a row, prior to the test. Avoiding the tendency of youth to stay up all night on friday / saturday and have jet lag for deys.
10) Work with others / get help. Have them test you, test them. Testing others expresses deeper understanding of the topic. Do you KNOW the subject material or just think you know it?ASk help from your teachers so they will encourage you on your weak spot Really comprehend it. Like Read the book over again..okay?? And write down the vocabulary and the IMPORTANT THINGS down. Then just read over them and cover them up and answer study. study.

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