Saturday, January 5, 2008

General Rules for Taking Exams

General Rules for Taking Exams
An obvious but often overlooked rule of test taking is to make sure you get enough rest. Never think that pulling an all-nighter will get you a good grade. A good night's sleep is essential to taking the exam and not making stoopid misteaks.
Ditto for eating well. The brain needs fuel just like a race car.
Arrive early so you don't feel rushed trying to find a seat, it's an unnecessary distraction.
Scan the entire test first. Are all the pages there? Is there an answer sheet? Then you can budget your time as you go.
Put your name on the exam and/or answer sheet. It's easy to forget and cause problems for later.
Read each question carefully. Be sure to understand what each question is asking. If unsure, ask. Don't let shyness cheat you out of a better grade. Sometimes instructors are positive the question is clear when it really isn't.

Most importantly: Remain Calm! Panicking only leads to misteaks. If you studied well the answer is in your head somewhere. It may take a little concentration to retrieve the required information.

Since some exams at Penn State involve many students taking one at the same time, a common exam form is the Multiple Choice exam. There are some very important tips for taking these types of exams.

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